Urgent| Members of the US Congress for"Biden"We see what you say and we believe you. We see your support for Israel and we are surprised

The progressive wing of the American Democratic Party was surprised that, despite the criticism – The Biden administration has approved an aid package for Israel, which will include fighter jets and thousands of bombs: “Hypocrisy.” 


"Bernie" He describes the decision to support Israel with weapons as despicable


He attacked Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders, saying: “A despicable decision,” and Senator Jeff Merkley: “The administration is pressing to increase aid – and provide… Weapons that are used to kill Palestinians indiscriminately.”


In light of reports that the Biden administration has approved an aid package for Israel, which will include the transfer of 2,300 bombs alongside F35 stealth fighter aircraft. On Saturday, some members of the US Congress criticized the decision – and accused the White House of hypocrisy. According to what was published by the Washington Post: American Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders, who represents the state of Vermont, had previously called in the past for rejecting aid packages for Israel, describing the recent decision as a “disgrace.” He said, “The United States of America cannot beg Netanyahu to stop bombing civilians one day, and then send him thousands of bombs that could level entire streets to the ground the next day.”

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Senator Jeff Markley said,  Regarding the state of Oregon, this decision is “wrong on every level,” and he added: “The administration cannot, on the one hand, push for an increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza – and on the other hand.” Providing weapons that are used to kill innocent Palestinians indiscriminately.”


This is not the first time you have heard criticism of aid to Israel among members of the Democratic Party. During the war, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives said Senator Chuck Schumer said that Democratic senators were discussing setting conditions on US aid to Israel.


 Then some Democratic members, especially in their progressive wing, proposed attaching a package Aid to Israel – amounting to $14.3 billion – with concrete steps on its part to reduce the number of civilians affected in Gaza.


Meanwhile, a new opinion poll was conducted this month by the American Consulting Foundation. Gallup in the United States, which indicates a new decline in American support for Israeli military activity in the Gaza Strip – and even a majority that opposes the war. 

In the poll conducted from March 1 to 20, it was found that 36 Only % of Americans support Israeli military activity – compared to 50% who responded positively in a Gallup poll conducted last November. 


On the other hand, 55% oppose military activity – An increase of 10% compared to a poll conducted by Gallup last November.

According to the poll, the main decline was recorded among Democratic and independent voters. 

While 47% of Independents and 36% of Democrats supported Israeli military activity in November, the percentage is now 29% and 18%, respectively.

Among Republican voters, support remains high at 64% – But this is also lower than the 71% of Republican supporters in the previous poll.

Despite disagreements among members of the administration and also among American citizens, the Washington Post reported yesterday that the Biden administration had approved an aid package for Israel that would include 1,800 bombs from Type 84, weighing 900 kilograms, and 500 other Type 82 bombs, weighing 225 kilograms. The report stated, based on sources in the Pentagon and the Foreign Ministry, that developments show that despite the confrontations between Israel and the United States, and the attempt to influence the position of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the administration “Biden” does not intend to use arms supplies as leverage to achieve this.


The approval includes the transfer of 25 F35 aircraft to Israel and engines worth $2.5 billion, a deal that It was previously approved by the US Congress in 2008. The bomb deal was also approved many years ago, but has not yet been implemented. 


A senior White House official said : “We continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself,” “Conditional aid is not our policy.” 


The aid packages were approved despite Some Democrats – including allies of the President of the United States – called on him to stop arms transfers, against the backdrop of the planned attack in Rafah and the fear of famine in Gaza.


The newspaper said " ;Washington Post" The security dependence that Israel has developed on the United States over the years is expressed in the current war in the best way – in the period of time that passes from the moment American weapons land or dock in Israeli ports, until the moment they confront a senior Hamas official or party activist. God.


The American administration wonders whether Israel has another ally. If it knew how to manage its affairs without American help, without ammunition, and without the iron dome of diplomacy. In Netanyahu’s ability to lead such a complex step, which begins with the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees from Rafah. 


A senior White House official who spoke with Defense Minister Yoav said Gallant: “A country that fails to bring 50 food trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, will it be able to evacuate, shelter, and provide food for about a million people?”. 

Since the second month of the war, the Israeli army has begun to Managing the economy of the arms sector in the Gaza Strip, which is also produced in the country. Israel had to turn to Washington for help in the field of armaments, an element that is not usually done. “It took us some time to get used to the American weapons, which are somewhat different from our own, but within two weeks they were launched as well,” A weapons officer in one of these forces said. Regular brigade bases.


Aerial munitions are supplied much faster: it takes a few days, sometimes less, for JDAM bombs that land in Israel and are manufactured in Boeing factories. In the United States of America, to be armed with missiles modified by weapons factories. Which the Air Force opened in its large bases, such as headquarters, which are production lines that work at the height of combat around the clock, without the soldiers having time to remove the English barcode stickers from the bombs, some of which weigh a ton, and the Ministry of Defense hopes to open production lines for them in the south. In about two years, to reduce dependence even slightly on the United States.


At Camp Ramon, the two squadrons of Apache combat helicopters belonging to the Israeli army were stretched to the limits of their capabilities, and neither There is a single minute in which combat helicopters do not take off or land to assist infantry and armored vehicles in the aggression in the Gaza Strip. 


The technical burden on masks jumped within five months to the range of five years from Hours of activity.


Let’s remember that these are combat helicopters that have been here for almost 20 years. It is not a coincidence that the heads of the security services asked the Americans to receive new Apache helicopters as quickly as possible, especially for the scenario in which the payload would increase significantly if a war broke out in Lebanon, and in which the Israeli army would be forced to enter the war, as it needs greater capabilities and weapons. Much more than it needs against the terrorist army it discovered in the Gaza Strip.


Israel is still asking the United States, including in the talks that Defense Minister Yoav Galant is currently holding. With his colleagues in Washington: Give us “slots” "Production orders in progress" For new Apache helicopters intended for the US Army, so that we can obtain them. 


Similar requests have been sent for more aircraft, and perhaps also for upcoming fighter squadrons that should arrive in The end of the decade, including an additional F-35 squadron.


US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy, Sasha Baker, believes in the mission of providing assistance to Israel. 


The reliance is characterized not only by the hundreds of thousands of different weapons of all types that the United States has flowed to Israel in recent months, beyond the usual aid, but also by purchases. The American military establishment provides Israel with a first line of defense. With the warships it has deployed and the coalition it has formed against Yemen, and dozens of drones and cruise missiles that have been launched, Israel was intercepted for the first time away from it by the Americans, who also provide detection and warning capabilities to the Israeli army for any launch. Like this.


In fact, the interceptions carried out by the Air Force from time to time near Eilat are mostly "remnants" Massive bombing by the Houthis. In addition to this is intelligence cooperation, as well as US intelligence aircraft, which are among the most advanced in the world, which assist Israel in various missions in all fields, including in Gaza.


< p>Meanwhile, the United States tonight welcomed the formation of the new Palestinian Authority government, and said: “A renewed Palestinian Authority is necessary to achieve results for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and to create sufficient conditions for stability in the region.” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said: The new government headed by Muhammad Mustafa will be sworn in before Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen tomorrow. The Prime Minister-designate, who will also hold the position of Foreign Minister, will replace Muhammad Shtayyeh, who submitted the resignation of his government last February.

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