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War in Gaza: Manon Aubry reaffirms LFI’s position regarding Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization

Manon Aubry, head of the list in the European elections, was invited to answer questions from viewers and Gilles Bornstein on the set of the interactive franceinfo show “#OnVousRépond”, Friday March 29.

Questioned about the October 7 attack perpetrated by Hamas, the MEP reaffirmed the position of her party and ensured that it considers Hamas a terrorist organization: “At no time have we asked for it to be removed from the list of terrorist organizations.”

Furthermore, she spoke about the anti-Semitic insults and cyberharassment suffered by one of the PS candidates in the European elections, Emma Rafowicz. Manon Aubry condemns “unambiguously and directly” the anti-Semitic insults against Emma Rafowicz and sends her “all her support”. But she “contests the association between the “LFIsphere” and anti-Semitism”.

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