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War in Ukraine: a fake website calling on the French to get involved deactivated

A fake website claimed that the Army was recruiting 200,000 volunteers to serve in Ukraine. The page has since been deactivated. The Ministry of the Armed Forces has not identified any leads regarding the perpetrators.

Get involved in Ukraine, defend the interests of France… According to a website, the Army was recruiting 200,000 volunteers. But it was a fake, a usurpation. On X, the ministry strongly denied: “This site is a fake government site, relayed on social networks by malicious accounts, for a disinformation campaign.” The Internet page, which has since been deactivated, included all the codes and logos of government sites.

The appeal was aimed at men and women aged 18 to 48, and even went so far as to promise a bonus of one million euros to the family in the event of death and a salary of 5,000 euros gross per month. The Ministry of the Armed Forces has not identified any leads as to the perpetrators. But for a specialist, it would clearly be an attempt at political destabilization. In 2023, nearly 230 inauthentic social media accounts have been identified, including a dozen attributed to foreign interference.

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  • Source of information and images “francetvinfo”

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