Warba signs a strategic partnership with the Marketing Club at Gulf University

Ayman Salem Al-Mutairi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Warba Bank, said: Warba Bank’s sponsorship of the Marketing Club at Gulf University for Science and Technology proves once again Warba Bank’s keenness to direct students’ energies to develop their creative abilities through its many activities and activities. Specialized programs in Islamic economic applications and the activity of Islamic banks, especially marketing, in addition to the role of social activities throughout the year, which will be presented by Warba Bank during the year 2024 in cooperation with the Marketing Club, and will be announced within the monthly plans announced in cooperation with both parties.”

Al-Mutairi added that Warba Bank will sponsor all activities organized by the Marketing Club on the university campus. The Warba team will also be present to support youth events and activities at all levels, stimulate their creativity and abilities, and develop their scientific and practical skills within its pioneering social responsibility program, through which it approaches all different segments of society, especially the youth. Students who need all forms of support before starting their career.

In turn, Abdul Aziz Ahmed Mal Allah – President of the Marketing Club at Gulf University of Science and Technology, said: “We extend our sincere thanks to Warba Bank for its sponsorship of the club, which is a usual sponsorship. Warba always communicates and seeks to support youth activities, especially at the Gulf University for Science and Technology, and its previous support for the Public Relations Club. He added that Warba Bank is sponsoring this year the Marketing Club to stimulate creativity among young people and prepare them for the labor market, in addition to Warba Bank’s interest, within its strategic plan, in supporting youth in all fields.

The Marketing Club at the Gulf University of Science and Technology is considered one of the vital student clubs that cares about the learner in his administrative field in general and his marketing field in particular. The club offers a comprehensive group of accredited training courses, in addition to seminars, conferences and field visits that aim to make the student knowledgeable about his academic and practical specialization. In the field of marketing.

Warba Bank is keen to sponsor all youth projects, as it announced last October its strategic partnership with the Kuwait School Sports and Higher Education Federation and its sponsorship of the school league, which comes from its keenness to pay attention to sports and youth activities and develop them. To them, and encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle for school students at all educational levels.

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