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"We, the Europeans". Flavors, diets: the new trends

Ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet, fasting, monodiet… How to navigate all the diet modes? Some aim to lose weight, others to detoxify the body or increase its performance, or even to fight against certain diseases… “We, the Europeans” takes a look at the issue and goes to Germany, to Berlin , where a new market is flourishing: paleo.


Vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan, vegan and now… paleo! The fashionable diet in Berlin consists of taking inspiration from the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. We can eat meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, but we must ban all processed products: we only eat what is hunted, fished and gathered. The paleo business is thriving in the German capital. But is this diet good for your health? Is it really consistent with what our ancestors ate?

A report by Hélène Renaux and Mathieu Charrière for Kraken presse.

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