What happens to Herbert Leonard? Health problems, “small” retirement, end of career…

Herbert Léonard, guest on the show “It begins today” this March 29 opposite Faustine Bollaert, recently faced serious health concerns. But today, what happens to the 79-year-old singer? Is he ready to say goodbye to his audience?

Herbert Leonardguest on the set of It starts today this March 29 on France 2, is 79 years old but does not plan to bow out just yet! The singer continues to perform on stage and meet his audience from time to time, despite the recent health problems he has had to face… What happens to the singer? For pleasure ?

Herbert Léonard, facing serious health problems

The artist had a bad time in the spring of 2023. While he was scheduled to perform on stage for a series of concerts, he had to cancel the shows for health reasons. The singer was hospitalized in intensive care due to pneumonia and many fans were worried. But today, Herbert Leonard seems to have gotten back on track.

I had a lot of health problems because I smoked a little too long… for fifty years (…) Now I’m getting the upper hand on all that, thanks to the doctors who followed me“, he recently explained on Logo FM.

Will Herbert Léonard release a last album?

From now on, the interpreter of Crazy lovers is determined to concentrate on his professional projects, which he had to put on hold due to his health concerns. “Before having these problems I was supposed to make an album, songs had been planned for that, but I couldn’t do it. Now that I have the upper hand I will be able to do it. I don’t know when I will return to the studio, but it will surely be my last record.” he revealed.

A final album which will therefore be accompanied by a farewell tour? It’s possible ! “I have always loved performing. I do less now because I’m old but I still do around twenty concerts a year“, he explained.

Herbert Léonard reveals his “tiny retirement”

For Herbert Léonard, continuing to make music is not only a real pleasure, but also a way to make ends meet. The septuagenarian singer considers his retirement “very small“, as he told Jordan De Luxe in 2023. “I have a very small retirement! I must have between 1,500 and 2,000 euros per month. It’s not a lot“, he declared while specifying that he “did not die of hunger“.

In addition, the artist who resides in Barbizon, in Seine-et-Marne, did not write or compose his songs and therefore does not receive royalties. “I only receive royalties. This is the small percentage we get when we sell a record. And today, we no longer sell CDs. I haven’t had anything new for three or four years. The last one was called The Essential“, he detailed before concluding: “So I don’t have a huge fortune, because I earned a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes in the 80s and a little bit in the 90s.“.

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