Zelensky discusses with the European Parliament delegation the acceleration of military aid to Ukraine

 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with a delegation from the political group “For the Renewal of Europe in the European Parliament” Headed by the head of the group, Valerie Heyer, accelerate military aid to Ukraine from European capitals.

Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the European Parliament for the great support it provides to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people – according to a statement on the website of the Ukrainian presidency on Thursday.


Zelensky said: “Thank you for your visit and the great support provided by members of the European Parliament throughout the years of the Russian war against Ukraine, as well as for the important decisions supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Your visit is a very important signal to our people and to the world.” “It is all that Ukraine is part of Europe, and Europe realizes that Ukraine is a protective shield for our common values.”

Zelensky stressed the need to start the negotiation process during the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union in June of this year.

>The Ukrainian President noted that integration into the European Union represents a priority in our country’s foreign policy and an integral part of the security of Ukraine and the entire European space.

He continued: “Ukraine has fulfilled all four recommendations of the European Commission stipulated in the expansion package.” Annual. All important laws were passed, which is not an easy task during a large-scale war. However, Ukraine is determined to maintain a high pace of expansion.”

The parties also exchanged views on the impact and possible ways to counter Russian propaganda in Europe, as well as all types of modern hybrid attacks that the Russian Federation is actively using against The democratic world.


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