Zmievskaya Thermal Power Plant was completely destroyed in the Kharkov region

In the Kharkov region, as a result of the Russian attack on March 22, the Zmievskaya Thermal Power Plant was completely destroyed. About it reported on the Centrenergo website.

“All units were destroyed, auxiliary equipment was damaged. The degree of destruction varies, from complete to significant,” the statement says. The rubble at the enterprise is currently being cleared, and there is no access to most of the equipment. They cannot yet give a more accurate assessment of the scale of damage, the amount to restore the power plant and the time it will take to repair it.

The day before, the TPP was visited by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko, who promised to “help as much as possible.” He called the Russian attack on the Ukrainian energy sector on March 22 “the largest in recent times.”

On the night of March 22, the Russian army attacked power plants, network nodes and transformers in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian side, about 90 missiles and more than 60 Shahed-type drones were involved in the attack – “more than half” were shot down.

As a result of the strikes, six people were killed and the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station in Zaporozhye was seriously damaged. Her work was stopped. Kharkov authorities then reported that all thermal power plants and transformer substations in the city were destroyed – Kharkov residents were left without electricity.

Russian Ministry of Defense about the March 22 attack reportedthat the Russian army launched a “massive strike with long-range precision weapons,” among other things, against energy facilities. The agency claimed that “all objectives of the strike were achieved.”

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